Strings for classic guitar Prodige 38 1/8-3/4 size

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SAVAREZ strings for short scale guitars (children's guitars).
Outstanding quality right from the start: Beautiful sound, perfect intonation and pleasant playing feel.
2 different series: green marbled packaging = Prodige "C" with the legendary Crystal nylon trebles, grey packaging = Prodige Alliance "A" with the legendary Alliance carbon trebles.
SAVAREZ Prodige Alliance 58
540AS Carbon-treble
Alliance Carbon (Fluorocarbon/PVDF)-treble strings, High Tension Classic Bass strings.
Blank G string.
For scale 580-640mm (3/4-7/8 sizes)
e1: 0.64mm/.0252“
h/b2: 0.71mm/.0280“
g3: 0.86mm/.0339“
D4: 0.76mm/.0299“
A5: 0.91mm/.0358“
E6: 1.12mm/.0441“
3/4-7/8 Carbon
Made in France

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