Strings for classic guitar Classic Label

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Augustine produces 4 different series' of classical guitar strings
The well known sets (CLASSIC: black, red and blue) have identical treble strings in normal tension, the 3 sets differ Sin the tension of the sound bass strings (black = light/normal, red = medium, blue = high). This logic continues in the following series':
All GOLD strings have gold-coloured brass wound bass strings and are always in light/normal tension
The IMPERIAL series has precision round treble strings in high tension. All Imperial sets have the famous bass strings from the well-known sets and differ in the different tensions (black = light/normal, red = medium, blue = high)
The REGAL series has precision round treble strings in extra high tension. All REGAL sets have the well-known bass strings from the famous sets and differ in their different tensions (black = light/normal, red = medium, blue = high)
The Paragon Carbon sets are new, with their clear fluorocarbon treble strings in combination with the legendary Classic bass strings in medium and high tension.
Classic Gold Label normal tension
Standard treble strings in Regular tension
Gold coloured brass bass strings in Light tension
Diameter and tension:
E1: .028”/0.71mm, 7.81kg/17.21lbs
H/B2: .032”/0.81mm, 5.84kg/12.88lbs
G3: 040”/1.01mm, 5.56kg/12.25lbs
D4: 0315”/0.80mm, 8.06kg/17.76lbs
A5: .035”/0.89mm, 6.42kg/14.16lbs
E6: 0445”/1.13mm, 6.52kg/14.38lbs
Set Gold light
Made in United States

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