Strings for classic guitar Serie 850 High tension PSP

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Special string: The partially ground bass-strings (PSP = Precision Smooth Polished) of the 850th series reduce unwanted sounds when switching the fingers at playing.
Perfect for studio recordings and at usage of Piezo-pickups
The string is normaly wound, the windings are just partially ground to get a powerfull, rich overtone. Not to be confused with flat wired strings!
Made in Germany
High Tension
E-1: 7,5kg/16.53lbs
H/B-2: 6,2kg/13.67lbs
G-3: 6,7kg/14.77lbs
D-4: 7,6kg/16.76bs
A-5: 8,0kg/17.64lbs
E-6: 7,8kg/17.2lbs
Set high
Made in Germany

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