Strings for Acoustic Guitar Historic Reissue Phosphor Bronze Round Core

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The legendary Adamas Phosphor Bronze strings now available as Round Core version
Slowly wound high end strings
Round instead of hexagonal core wire
The wrapping lies flat on the core wire, giving a longer sustain and more balanced and harmonious sound.
The same wire thocknesses and lower string tension gives a comfortable playing feeling
Roundcore strings must not be shortened before tightening, otherwise the wrapping is loosened and the string is unusable.
The DADGAD-tuning set 2020RC is the most popular for open tuning, in which the E1, E6, H/B2 are tuned a whole tone lower. Our string strengths .013”, .017”, .024w”, .032w”, .042w”, .056w” are perfectly adapted for this lower tuning.
No single strings available
Super Light .011-.052

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