Strings for Acoustic Guitar Adamas Historic Reissue Phosphor Bronze

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The legendary Adamas Phosphor Bronze Strings, now available as historic reissue of the original-specification of1980.
New environment-friendly packaging, old design
Reissue with original specifications: solid brass ball-end, for E6 and A5 string core and wound with identical diameter
Composite gauging: A5, G3, und B2-string are thinner than the shades of other manufacturers
High-end premium string, special alloy with high copper percentage
Tarnish protected, shrink wrapped
With ADAMAS sticker
Complete single string assortments available under 665.008-665.056
Original Strings of the Ovation and Adamas guitar: .012 set 1818
1717 Extra-Light .010 .014 .023w .030w .038w .047w
1749 Super-Light .011 .015 .022w .032w .042w .052w
1818 Light .012 .015 .023w .032w .044w .053w
1919 Medium .013 .016 .025w .035w .047w .056w
1616 12-string Light .010/.010 .014/.014 .023w/.010 .030w/.014 .038w/.018w .047w/.027w       
Super-Light .011-.052

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