Hooped Conga Matador Soft Strike (Comfort Curve I) Gold

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Profile: Soft Strike (Comfort Curve of the first generation)
Width: Matador, X Series &
Traditional Rim - 9,5 mm smaller diameter than Z Series)
Material thickness: 4 mm
Material: steel
Crown (shell): Standard professional sizes
Tuning system: traditional (tuning lugs)
Fitting heads: M265 (Matador) &
LP265 (hand picked)
Models:LP Matador / older professional model (Classic etc.)
Other than Comfort Curve II the Soft Strike Rims are formed from one piece of metal
Compatibility:- Compatible with all LP shells of the shown sizes when choosing the corresponding head- Designed around the same heads like X &
Traditional Rims- Not compatible with Top Tuning Systems
Finish: Gold Tone
PU: 1 piece
12 1/2" Tumba | 6 hole

Hooped Conga Matador Soft...