Double bass strings Superflexible rope core

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Steel rope core reduces stiffness and improves elasticity
Chrome wound
High fifth purity, durability and tuning firmness
Orchestra tuning. 4/4 size for scale 1100mm (43.3")
C: Tension medium 32,0kg/70.5lbs
G: Tension medium 32,0kg/70.5lbs
D: Tension medium 32,0kg/70.5lbs
A: Tension medium 34,0kg/75.0lbs
E: Tension medium 34,0kg/75.0lbs
C: Tension medium 35,0kg/77.2lbs
H/B: Tension medium 35,0kg/77.2lbs
Set Tension medium 132,0kg/291.0lbs
A x
Made in Austria

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