Strings for classic guitar Imperial Label

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Imperial Label
The IMPERIAL series has precision round treble strings in high tension. All Imperial sets have the famous bass strings of the Classic-series and are distinguished by the different tensions (black = light/normal, red = medium, blue = high)
Precision round treble strings in High Tension
E1: tension 8.4kg/18.52lbs
H/B2: tension 6.18kg/13.62lbs
G3: tension 6.16kg/13.59lbs
Gold Bass-strings in Light Tension
D4: tension 8.06kg/17.76lbs
A5: tension 6.42kg/14.16lbs
E6: tension 6.52kg/14.38lbs
Red Bass-strings in Medium Tension
D4: tension 7.21kg/15.89lbs
A5: tension 6.93kg/15.27lbs
E6: tension 6.68kg/14.72lbs
Blue Bass-strings in High Tension
D4: tension 7.44kg/16.41lbs
A5: tension 7.14kg/16.75lbs
E6: tension 7.21kg/15.89lbs
Made in United States

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