Strings for classic guitar Series 728 Medium Tension Custom Made

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Excellent bass strings consisting of an extremely strong plastic fibre, wrapped with hard silver-plated round wire
Precision round Nylon treble strings in fine tuning
The bass strings are nickel and cadmium free complying with DIN EN 1811, in accordnace to the REACH-regulation VO (EC) No. 1907/2006
The most environmentally friendly packaging in this series consists of just one paper bag
D4 String without separate wound
Made in Germany
Medium Tension
E-1: 7,0kg/15.43lbs
H/B-2: 6,0kg/13.2lbs
G-3: 6,5kg/14.33lbs
D-4: 7,5kg/16.76bs
A-5: 7,5kg/16.53lbs
E-6: 7,5kg/16.53lbs
Set medium tension
Made in Germany

Strings for classic guitar...